Multidrug resistant Tuberculosis: still a problem in the Russian Federation

Tuberculose multirresistente: ainda é um problema na Federação Russa


  • Sofia Wagemaker
  • Gabriel Roberto
  • Dmitry Polyakov
  • Tatiana Dronova
  • Rodrigo Sardenberg


Tuberculosis is a primitive disease that is still quite prevalent today. Multidrug- resistant tuberculosis is the main cause of death by tuberculosis in Russia. This study aims to present results on tuberculosis and multidrug resistant tuberculosis in Russia, and why with the medicine development, we still have this problem in Russia till nowadays. A review was conducted to identify studies that  investigated multidrug resistant tuberculosis in Russia, using the databases PubMed / NCBI, WHO, Google Scholar, CyberLeninka, XXX National Congress on Respiratory Diseases in Moscow, and Russian Ministry of Health databases from the last five years. Originally 684 studies were recognized in the databases searched, of which 40 articles were selected for the current study. According to the World Health Organization, Russia was the country with the most tuberculosis cases in the world, although these figures have decreased over the past 21 years. Instead, the cases of multidrug resistant tuberculosis are increasing: 37,3 people in 2015 against 34,832 in 2012. We observed a high rate of multidrug resistant tuberculosis in Russia due to mistakes such as lack of drugs, low adherence to treatment, dissolution of the Sovietic Union and the unfavorable social situation. Even more, the low adherence to the correct antibiotic and treatment facilitated the spread of the disease.