Action of the jabuticaba peel extract (Plinia jaboticaba (Vell.) Kausel) in in vitro skin irritation and cytotoxicity


  • Bruna Santa Rosa
  • Vera Isaac


The bark of jabuticaba represent an underutilized product in the industry, since, in most cases, they arediscarded after the use of the pulp. Starting from the concept that the peels are rich in several phenoliccompounds, vitamins and bioactive compounds, they therefore have an active potential to be used incosmetics. The aim of this study was to evaluate different cosmetic activities relevant to obtain a safeand effective extract. For this, the extract was obtained through remaceration. Then, using in vitromethodologies, cytotoxicity was evaluated using the MTT and NRU dyes with the cell line HaCat andthe potential for skin irritation due to the degradation of ovoalbumin was evaluated. The extract of thebark of the jabuticaba showed an average cytotoxicity of 9.39 mg/mL and skin irritation rate of 0.8 to1.6 mg/mL. Thus, our results direct the safe use of the extract of the bark of jabuticaba as a cosmeticactive.